SME Banking Coffee: Sustainable Finance

20 April 2021

Global banks are adopting their operating models to ensure that financing is extended on a sustainable basis. This has primarily been driven by environmental ‘net zero’ commitments, but the social and governance concerns are also being integrated into bank policies.  Banks will soon start to report climate risks under the TCFD framework.

This raises an important question if banks are ready for embedding ESG into their strategies. And the next one - to how they will measure and monitor the risks from clients, and also change the nature of the dialogue with clients as they make the transition to more sustainable business models. While large corporate borrowers have the resources to set up dedicated sustainability teams and publish their own reports if publicly-listed, SME clients are less likely to do so.

This presents challenges for both banks and SME clients on how to organize this new working relationship.

We will talk about:
- preparing for 13th of June 2021  - ESG requirements
- good practices on how the banks can support SME in sustainable grow
- where might ‘greenwashing’ occur and how can it be avoided
- the immediate priorities for banks in sustainable finance in the next 12 months

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Join our SME Banking Coffee on 20 April 2021 at 10 am CET | 4pm SGT | 12pm UAE 

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