World InsurTech Report 2020

24 September 2020

The World InsurTech Report 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores the changing business dynamics of the insurance industry – from the global pandemic underscoring the need for business resilience to BigTechs setting new standards for customer experience. The report highlights the need for insurers to adopt a new mindset and collaborate with ecosystem partners to build new capabilities that meet the digital needs of customers.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
- The impact of COVID-19 and customer-centric BigTechs on insurers’ new customer acquisition and retention
- The key areas and new capabilities that insurers must focus on to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations
- The three approaches to acquire those capabilities and remain in the race
- State Auto and Shift Technology’s views on the critical focus areas for the insurance industry today
- How Capgemini can help insurers undergo the necessary transformation

This webinar is over. Thank you for joining us, we look forward to having you at our upcoming webinars!

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World InsurTech Report 2020
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