Efma/ Mastercard SME Banking Coffee series

18 February 2020

Efma and Mastercard have joined forces to bring alive a bright new Global Executive SME Banking Programme full of brand new initiatives to serve and connect SME Bankers worldwide. One of the initiative is SME Banking Coffee: Online session series on hot SME topics with relevant, senior level key note speakers from global banking and fintech industry. The first serie of 3 online sessions  will look closer to different aspects of Operations and optimization.

SME Banking Coffees are the replacement of outdated webinar sessions with completely new approach and interactive features:
- co-moderation of the whole session by two experts
- short, straight to the point, key note presentations with C-level speaker revealing all the secrets
- engaging discussion on the practical business application of best practices
- raised thesis for discussion following a key note speech
- key takaways and summary of the whoe session at the end presented by Mastercard and Efma
- key outcomes from discussions and best practices to be compiled and used for a published white paper at the end of each serie  

Operations and optimization

Traditional business and income model of banking institutions is under a huge threat and will likely become the reason for disruption. Negative interest rates create huge pressure on the costs and optimization to keep current business model alive until new revenue streams can generate the previous level of income.
- Leveraging a big organization to set-up agile way of working
- How AI, Robotisation (RPA), data and digital can help to lower a cost/income ratio
- Open banking as an answer to a win-win service model - less costs to serve better

This webinar is over. Thank you for joining us, we look forward to having you at our upcoming webinars!

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