Open Banking & Data Protection webinar (open to non members)

23 May 2019

The Payment Service Directive II (PSD2), a subset of the larger Open Banking agenda, officially ushered banking into the new agile world that banks have been preparing for since the publication of the directive in 2016. News of early collaborative efforts by banks and fintechs has started surfacing, with forerunners facilitating secure data access to third parties through open APIs and developer portals.

With the advent of Open Banking in Europe, banks need to navigate a course between the GDPR requirement to control access to their data with the contradictory requirement of PSD2 to share their data with regulated third party providers while still maintaining a profitable relationship with their customers.

In the wake of the new possibilities presented by PSD2, customers have come to expect value-added products and propositions from their banks and their fintech partners. The ability to capitalize on free movement of data to enrich offerings for their customers will separate the winners from the losers in the PSD2 and Open Banking world.

Join our Efma & Infosys webinar on 23 May 2019 between 1:00 and 2:00pm CET and hear more about the topics such as:

- Open Banking reaching new heights
- Global Open Banking Developments
- The data consent/protection conundrum
- Implications for banks and new financial services models
- Providing greater customer control

This webinar is over. You can watch webinar's recording HERE.


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