Impact of AI in financial services

30 January 2019

Register for this first Efma webinar in 2019 dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Discover how AI and Machine Learning can help banks to become more intelligent.

Webinar will follow-up on a soon-to-be-published report of Rudradeb Mitra, our Senior Advisor and expert in the topic.

Rudradeb will try to answer the most frequent questions asked by bankers from over 20 countries he had the chance to interact with over the last year:

- Is AI all hype?
- What are the best problems to solve using AI?
- How to build these products, overcoming challenges with data and cost of development?
- How to convince top management to provide funds for these projects?

He will not only tell you where do we need AI and ML or how to go about building collaborative AI systems but he will also show you some real use cases!

Let us invite you to participate in this Efma Webinar that is taking place on Wednesday 30 January from 10:00 am to 11:00 am CET.

This webinar has already ended. You can review the webinar HERE.

For more details, contact:

Barbora.jpg (13 KB)  Barbora Sliacka
  Events Manager
  +421 908 560 272