Five Tips to Build an Effective Video Banking Strategy (US)

23 May 2018

Video Banking is on the rise. Vidyo's third annual study, co-sponsored by CUNA Strategic Services and Efma, provides you with unparalleled visibility into video banking trends via a survey of 288 financial services professionals and 4,144 consumers in North America and Europe.

Key findings include:

- Consumers love video banking, and those who have tried it want to use it again
- Banks and credit unions that offer video banking are experiencing better outcomes, higher NPS, and higher sales
- Choosing the right technology that can scale and integrate in a real banking environment is essential to success
- Banks and credits unions need to accelerate their video banking efforts or risk losing out to more nimble "digital native" competitors
- How to quickly get your first video banking service up and running

Join us on 23 May 2018 from 11am Pacific Time (2pm Eastern Time) to:
- Gain insights into video banking market trends
- Understand how video banking can help you enrich your customer/member experience and improve your bottom line 
- Hear our five recommendations to capture the video banking opportunity

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