The Collaborative Power of Fintech & Banking: Shaping a customer experience in the New Banking Age

1 February 2017

Digital disruption is now surging ahead and bringing in new business models, new technology, new players in the market and a renewed focus on consumer experience.

The entire banking industry ecosystem is being disrupted by new entrants, and nurtured by regulator invention (i.e. the FCA Sandbox and Project Innovation). Engaging the customer through the most relevant and convenient channels alongside leveraging key data points has become crucial to maximising customer value is this new age. The recent CMA Banking Open Banking API has the potential to revolutionise this competition further: making data more open will force banks to work harder for their customers and will lead to new challenges.

Will the winners be those who think and act differently to drive real innovation in how they meet their customers’ need? Will banks find or create newer and more innovative revenue streams?

During the Webinar a panel discussion will focus on questions which stand to change the way we bank.

Discussion Topics:

• What does the Financial Services sector need to do to pick up the pace and achieve a digital transformation in customer experience?
• How has the industry perception of FinTechs changed over the last 20 years?
• How is the relationship between banks and FinTechs changing?
• What role is the Regulator playing to help FinTechs and banks? 
• What are your predictions for 2017 - challenges and threats?

Join us online and register for the Webinar that will take place on Wednesday 1st February 2017 from 2 pm CET to 3 pm CET.


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