Responding to Change: How banks can use information and pricing strategies to boost profitability?

10 November 2016

Traditionally, banks have struggled to balance profitability and customer centricity.  Those who struggle, believe customer centricity means “doing everything you can for the customer”, rather than viewing it as a way to grow the business by recognizing and rewarding the most valuable and loyal customers. Rich customer insights can help a bank focus its energy on bringing in profitable customers and more importantly retain valuable customers. The deeper the insight, the more capable you become in providing differentiated experiences and driving loyalty. Come hear the results from a survey of your peers on how they’re leveraging information and pricing strategies to boost profitability.

This webinar is focused on presenting key findings of an upcoming study, which is about to be published as a joint report of Efma and Oracle. Oracle and Efma have conducted a survey of senior executives in some 60 financial institutions across the globe. The study explores the changes taking place in banks worldwide, particularly in relation to their pricing and big data strategies, and how these can help to boost their profitability. Are banks rising to the occasion or are they falling woefully short and failing to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of their customers?

This report by Oracle and Efma will be based on a 3 session think tank. It will be presented at the Sales and Marketing Summit in Dublin, on 17-18 November 2016. 

Join us online and register for the Efma Webinar that will take place on Thursday 10 November 2016 from 2 pm CET to 3 pm CET.



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