This webinar aims to be a guide on business continuity planning for organizations, especially for those that are new to the concept of creating processes and systems of prevention to deal with potential threats to a company’s operations.  In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable businesses, before and during the execution of disaster recovery, to cope with the Covid-19 outbreak that the world is currently experiencing.  It is guided by the Singapore Standard for Business Continuity Management System – Requirements (SS ISO 22301), and relevant advisories issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Please note that the session is non-exhaustive and does not cover all situations and businesses. This should be practiced in conjunction with the latest relevant global advisories and country specific conditions.  Where applicable, delegates of this session are advised to seek business continuity planning professionals’ help on specific approaches relevant to their particular circumstances.
The objective of this session is to help enterprises in their business continuity planning in response to the Covid-19 crisis. It covers the following key business operational risks:
- Human resource management
- Processes and business functions
- Supplier and customer management
- Communications, both internal and external
This session helps companies with the following:
- Minimize health risk to employees
- Minimize the risk of premises becoming a node of transmission
- Ensure plans are in place should employees be quarantined or infected
- Ensure alternative arrangements with suppliers and customers so that business operations can continue  


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Lincoln Teo
Lincoln Teo Efma
Head of Asia Pacific & Senior Advisor


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