Almost every financial institution will indicate "creating innovative solutions", "creativity of employees" or "adaptation to changing market conditions and effective change management, with particular emphasis on the long-term development of the institution" as the source of the institution’s competitive advantage. A simple path to success will not be possible without well-prepared people and leaders with charisma. They are more important than processes. To transform or develop a business we need to transform / develop a mindset. 
During the series of webinars we will inspire and share good practices at developing a transformational mindset that will carry the organization forward.

In this two-episode webinar series we will discuss the following:
• challenges faced transforming a financial institution;
• competences and knowledge required for people to create success;
• developing and communicating with people;
• leading an organization into an uncertain future;
• best practices and lessons learned from those with a transformational mindset;
• learning formats and the most effective methods of development.
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John Berry
John Berry Efma
Andres Bianchi
Andres Bianchi Santander
Global HR Transformation Director
Jean-Marc Pailhol
Jean-Marc Pailhol Allianz SE
Allianz Partners Board member & GSP Chief Officer
Przemek Gdanski
Przemek Gdanski BNP Paribas (Poland)
Philippe Van Fraechem
Philippe Van Fraechem Efma
Member of the Management Committee & Head of Efma Business Academy
Michael Ruckman
Michael Ruckman Senteo (USA)
Founder and President


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