Every crisis brings not only negative impacts but also creates new opportunities. However, it requires a new way of thinking and quick adaptation to the new realities. 
The banking sector was already experiencing disruption due to AI but the current crisis has expedited the process. In this new reality, banks have to adapt fast to take advantage of new opportunities. With the power of AI, banks can make use of many of the opportunities like:

- Increase customers by focusing on financial inclusion
- Increase efficiency through more digital banking services and the use of data/analytics for customer engagement
- Reduce risk by identifying the riskiest customers and creating an incentive structure to support them
- Decrease cost through automation of compliance
- Faster product launch through lean Product development and global collaboration 
- Provide employee retraining into new technologies 
In this webinar, the speaker will touch upon the points mentioned above, share a couple of use cases and follow up with an open discussion.


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Rudradeb Mitra
Rudradeb Mitra Omdena
Product Mentor


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