Almost every financial institution will indicate "creating innovative solutions", "creativity of employees" or "adaptation to changing market conditions and effective change management, with particular emphasis on the long-term development of the institution" as the source of the institution’s competitive advantage. A simple path to success will not be possible without well-prepared people and leaders with charisma. They are more important than processes. To transform or develop a business we need to transform/develop a mindset.   
During the series of webinars we will inspire and share good practices at developing a transformational mindset that will carry the organization forward.  
In this two-episode webinar series we will discuss the following:
• challenges faced transforming a financial institution;
• competences and knowledge required for people to create success;
• developing and communicating with people;
• leading an organization into an uncertain future;
• best practices and lessons learned from those with a transformational mindset;
• learning formats and the most effective methods of development.

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Speaking Institutions


Antonio Cano
Antonio Cano Ageas Belgium
COO, Member Board of Directors
Hans Van der Horst
Hans Van der Horst ING Group
Head Global Tribe Customer Data Management
Armand Wahyudi Hartono
Armand Wahyudi Hartono BCA Bank Central Asia
Deputy President Director
John Berry
John Berry Efma
Paul Berry
Paul Berry Human Performance Science
Philippe Van Fraechem
Philippe Van Fraechem Efma
Member of the Management Committee & Head of Efma Business Academy


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