Join our first webinar session of Innovation & Fintech webinar series on Wednesday 5 June 2019 from 5:00pm (Paris time)/ 11:00am (New York time)/ 7:00pm (Dubai time)

Over recent years it has become evident that startups embody the core principles of innovation that drive commercial success. They embrace risk-taking and failure, while rewarding success. They are agile and focused on customer needs, enabling them to immediately adjust to meet market demand. Due to their small size, they can think big.
However, because they are small, scalability can often be a challenge. That’s why they are increasingly relying on the scale and customer base of big banks in order to succeed.
In this webinar we will outline the challenges and opportunities facing banks and fintechs when it comes to partnering for success and provide five top tips to ensure a happy future.

This webinar is over. Thank you for joining us, we look forward to having you at our upcoming webinars!

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Jeremy Balkin
Jeremy Balkin JPMorgan Chase
Managing Director, Head of FinTech & Innovation
Carlo Giugovaz
Carlo Giugovaz Efma
Italy & Switzerland Country Manager


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