In the second edition of Affluent Banking Best Practice Forum, we will focus on wealth transfer, the next generation of affluent customers and women customers
As the needs and preferences of new clients are constantly changing, wealth transfer is a big challenge for mass affluent. Additionally, some studies have shown that women are not satisfied with the offered services as their approach towards wealth management differs from men's.

Together with our guest speakers, we will have a look at the following:

  • Studies suggest heirs will look for a new financial advisor after inheriting their parents’ wealth - what should be done to cultivate family loyalty and prevent heirs from moving their money to different institutions?
  • How should you approach advice in terms of inheritance? How does it differ from typical financial advice?
  • What are the most significant differences between the next generation of customers (millenials) compared to older generations? How different are their expectations and behavior?
  • How should you transform your wealth management offer to satisfy the new generation? And how should you engage potential new customers?
  • According to some research, the current Wealth management advisory model is not working for women customers. What are the differences in terms of investment behavior by women compared to men? What are some examples? And how have you tailored your offerings to serve female clients better?
  • Technology is being implemented to digitize almost every area of a bank, but advisory remains complex to automate. How is your bank approaching the integration of AI into its advisory services? Will it be a mix? Will the human touch always be required when it comes to wealth management?
  • How do you see wealth management evolving in the next decade? (open banking, platformication, new players, new technologies…)
Building on its 50-year experience in creating opportunities for meaningful exchange of insights, Efma is bringing a new gathering format that will facilitate best practice sharing in a safe environment. These gatherings are reserved for senior members of our network.

The Best Practice Forum on Affluent & Private Banking will inspire change and growth by bringing you concrete case studies, experts' views based on the latest research, keynote speeches, open discussions to amplify learning for all and the possibility to engage with peers and develop your network of contacts! 

Speaking Institutions


Silvia Cunill Calvet
Silvia Cunill Calvet Efma
Regional Manager Iberia, Africa & Latam. Innovation Program Manager
Hugo Ferreira
Hugo Ferreira Nucoro
Head of Business Development
Victoria Yasinetskaya
Victoria Yasinetskaya Banco Santander
Chief Marketing Officer - PagoFX
João Forjaz Trigueiros
João Forjaz Trigueiros Millennium BCP (Portugal)
Head of Affluent Segment Strategy
Laura Comas
Laura Comas CaixaBank
Private and Premier Business Development Director
Ole Bindel
Ole Bindel Bindel Consult
Salvador Vidal
Salvador Vidal Edmond de Rothschild
Head of Client Experience, & Projects
Thierry Groues
Thierry Groues Ernst & Young
Partner France, EMEIA Wealth & Asset Management Digital Transformation lead
Philippe Van Fraechem
Philippe Van Fraechem Efma
Member of the Management Committee & Head of Efma Business Academy
Tim Rooney
Tim Rooney MeDirect
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Miroslava Tokarova
Miroslava Tokarova Efma
Events Coordinator
Silvia Cunill Calvet
Silvia Cunill Calvet Efma
Regional Manager Iberia, Africa & Latam. Innovation Program Manager

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