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Efma and Accenture are committed to continuing the dynamic, relevant discussions sparked by the Innovation in Insurance Awards. One of the dominant trends to come out of the awards this year was insurers’ interest in sustainability and their recognition that sustainability is a key lever to strategic resilience. Not only are insurers faced with a rising tide of sustainability-related claims, but consumers are favoring insurers that champion sustainable practices and hold themselves accountable. 

Join us as Silvia Milian, Strategy and Consulting Insurance Lead, Iberia, facilitates an informative discussion with Nina Jais, Managing Director for Sustainability Strategy at Accenture on the sustainability opportunity for insurers across the globe. The webinar will be held on 21 September, 16h30 CET.

The following topics will be discussed in the webinar: 

·       What insurers should focus on to drive sustainability. 
·       The key principles behind creating a sustainable product and investment portfolio. 
·       ESG asset management and performance. 
·       ESG-based transformation in underwriting and investments. 
·       Upskilling the workforce on ESG.

Speaking Institutions


Catherine Cummings
Catherine Cummings Sanitas
CSR and Public Affairs Director
Nina Jais
Nina Jais Accenture
Managing Director Strategy & Consulting, Sustainability
Hannah Moisand
Hannah Moisand Efma
Head of Content & Strategic Partnerships
Lauretta Filangieri
Lauretta Filangieri Intesa Sanpaolo Vita
Head of Insurance Innovation & Change Management
Hayat Ouraghi
Hayat Ouraghi BNP Paribas Cardif
Senior Relationship Manager - Telecommunication industry
Silvia Milian
Silvia Milian Accenture
Managing Director, Insurance


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