Efma’s purpose is to support financial institutions through the cultivation of a strong community based on providing timely intelligence that enables members to optimize, innovate, and transform their performance through sharing members’ best practices.

Efma Business Academy & Advisory (EBA) helps financial institutions manage a successful transformation and reskill/upskill their employees to drive the change. We created Efma International Master Classes as one of the solutions to support it. Those support not only the entire institution but also individuals who want to succeed at the highest levels of the organization.

Efma International Master Classes are perfect for
- Individuals who would like to develop their skills and knowledge on the international level
- Institutions with a limited training budget
- Rewarding the best employees by sending them to an exclusive program

Value of Efma International Master Classes
- International programs 
- Participants are employees of financial institutions from the whole world 
- Ability to share knowledge from the whole world 
- Knowledge and best practices from the most successful financial institutions and experts 
- Ability to link and share the experiences of people from different financial institutions 
- Practical solutions ready to be implemented in everyday business 
- Programs are run by international experts with top backgrounds from financial institutions 
- Live programs 
- Collaborative online learning sessions
- International Efma certificate


Paul Berry
Paul Berry Human Performance Science
Michael Ruckman
Michael Ruckman Senteo (USA)
Founder and President
Slawek Koziol
Slawek Koziol ADAPTOVATE
Project Lead – Europe
Rudradeb Mitra
Rudradeb Mitra Omdena
Product Mentor
Joep Paemen
Joep Paemen Flowdesignworks.com
Founder & Partner, flow design works


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