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Innovative trends in retail banking
Study Accenture, May 2018
The Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards is a joint initiative from Accenture and Efma introduced in 2012 to identify and appraise the most innovative projects in Retail Banking at global level.…

Keywords : Innovation , Bank Products & Services

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Bank as a Platform: Essential tools for PSD2 and open banking
Study Finastra, May 2018
Open Banking is transforming the way banks operate, how they engage with customers, and the products and services they provide. It has become a global phenomenon, supported by regulations such as PSD2…

Keywords : Digital/Mobile channels , API/Open banking , Business strategy/Model , Bank Products & Services

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World Insurance Report 2018
Study Capgemini, May 2018
Business-as-usual within the insurance industry is coming to an end. The World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini and Efma highlights the need for insurers to have digital agility, cater to customer…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Operations/New processes , Fintech , Digital/Mobile channels , Customer experience

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Building the future of mobile banking
Study Wavestone, May 2018
Building the future of mobile banking report, covering the individual and the professional market worldwide, is based on our online banking services benchmark, our digital banks and Fintechs observatory,…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels

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The future of customer-led retail banking distribution
Study McKinsey & Company, May 2018
Retail banking distribution is an increasingly digital proposition, with customers accessing more services on their smartphones and desktops—even in countries that are not considered digitally advanced.…

Keywords : Omnichannel/Multichannel , Distribution Channels , Distribution Channels

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The video banking revolution
Study Vidyo, April 2018
Video banking is an emerging channel where financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and building societies can engage their customers or members in face-to-face transactions through remote video…

Keywords : Video services , Bank Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels

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Banking + Fintech: A collaboration for growth
Study Microsoft, April 2018
The vast majority of legacy banking organi¬zations have a concern regarding the loss of revenue to financial technology companies in areas such as payments, money transfers and personal loans. The…

Keywords : API/Open banking , Fintech , Innovation , Business strategy/Model

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The Holy Grail of data strategy: How to leverage new opportunities
Digest Efma, April 2018
Data is increasingly being seen by financial services firms the world over as a secret weapon in their fight for survival. According to McKinsey’s Analytics in Banking: Time to Realize the Value…

Keywords : Cybersecurity/Authentication , Digital marketing , Regulation , Big data

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Retail banking in the Middle East: Putting the customer first!
Regional review Efma, April 2018
Banks in the Middle East are making significant progress on their journey to digital transformation. An extremely dynamic marketplace brings a complex array of challenges for financial services providers,…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Business strategy/Model

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World FinTech Report 2018
Study LinkedIn, Capgemini, February 2018
Financial Services customers across the globe have collectively raised their voices and their expectations. If they can order books, food, and travel with a few simple clicks on their phone, they now…

Keywords : Fintech

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