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Data as a driver for revenue growth
Study McKinsey & Company, December 2018
More than 90 percent of the top 50 banks around the world are using advanced analytics. Most are having one-off successes but can’t scale up. Nonetheless, some leaders are emerging. Such banks invest…

Keywords : Big data , Business strategy/Model

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Bank of tomorrow (sustainable business)
Study Wavestone, January 2019
Nowadays, the value proposition of the banks are questioned: - Differentiation based on technologies is easy to replicate - More and more innovative users experience innovations but no real new services.We…

Keywords : Sustainable development

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Emerging technology in financial services (how it makes a difference)
Study Gartner (USA), January 2019
Financial Services firms are full of enthusiasm for adopting a multitude of new and emerging technologies – AI, Fintech, Blockchain, RPA, and so on and so forth. But what have they actually been…

Keywords : Technology , AI/Robotics , Blockchain , Fintech

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AI: A key enabler to accelerate the digital transformation
Study Microsoft, January 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing how financial institutions operate, manage data, and interact with customers.The revolution brought by AI - a blend of three advanced technologies: machine…

Keywords : Digital/Mobile channels , AI/Robotics

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Digital leadership in financial services
Study Gartner (USA), January 2019
As financial services firms transform themselves from analogue to digital, it changes not just the technology but also the people and the processes. The digital financial services firm of the future has…

Keywords : Business strategy/Model , Talent management

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Islamic Banking
Digest Efma, January 2019
The global Islamic finance industry is evolving and will eventually adopt fintech advancements by following the path conventional finance has taken. Efma is working on its very first Islamic banking digest.

Keywords : Islamic customer , Bank Products & Services

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Turn your contact center into an engagement and financial advice hub
Study Forrester, April 2019
Customer service is at a tipping point. Customers contact banks more often and in more channels; they shift between channels seamlessly and even use multiple channels simultaneously. Banks must transform…

Keywords : Customer experience , Digital/Mobile channels , Bank Products & Services

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