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Retail banking in the Middle East: Putting the customer first!
Regional review Efma, April 2018
Banks in the Middle East are making significant progress on their journey to digital transformation. An extremely dynamic marketplace brings a complex array of challenges for financial services providers,…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Business strategy/Model

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World FinTech Report 2018
Study LinkedIn, Capgemini, February 2018
Financial Services customers across the globe have collectively raised their voices and their expectations. If they can order books, food, and travel with a few simple clicks on their phone, they now…

Keywords : Fintech

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Robo-advisory: The future of financial advisory services
Study Axis Corporate, February 2018
Following several months of analysis, we are pleased to present our report on Robo-Advisory, the future of financial advisory services.Axis Corporate, in collaboration with Efma, has carried out this…

Keywords : Robotics/AI , Financial advice , Digital/Mobile channels

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Efma Review 2018
Regional review Efma, January 2018
FREE DOWNLOAD!Log in or register for your free copy of Efma Review 2018It’s been a pleasure to work within the retail financial services industry this past year. While new developments in technology,…

Keywords : Robotics/AI , Affluent/Private , Customer experience , Talent management , Bank Products & Services , Insurance Products & Services , SME/Corporate , Fintech , Digital payments/Wallet , Innovation , Digital/Mobile channels

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Building the future of mobile banking - Part III
Study Wavestone, January 2018
For several years now, the growing use of mobile devices to surf the web and make online payments has caused a steady rise in the number of targeted attacks. Every year, incidents related to fraud are…

Keywords : Cybersecurity/Authentication , API/Open banking , Compliance/Regulation , Digital/Mobile channels

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Digital business in banking
Gartner (USA), December 2017
A survey for Gartner run by Efma shows that banks are convinced of the need to embrace digital banking and to transform themselves. But our interactions with banks show clearly that what that ambition…

Keywords : Digital/Mobile channels , Bank Products & Services , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency , API/Open banking

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Digital transformation observatory
Study BCG, November 2017
This document by BCG and Efma presents the results of BCG's survey on the state of digital transformation of banks.Through case studies and interviews, it observes three digital delivery models that banks…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency , Digital/Mobile channels

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Transforming insurance through innovation
Study Accenture, November 2017
Large traditional insurers and dynamic start-ups alike are turning to artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), digital platforms, blockchain and other emerging technologies to create…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Innovation , Digital/Mobile channels

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Video-enabled insurance services: How video customer engagement transforms the way insurers do business
Study Vidyo, November 2017
Video has emerged as an important new channel for insurance companies to interact with customers, deliver advisory services, sell insurance and financial services products, perform remote expertise, and…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Customer service , Video services

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Making innovation pay
Study Oracle Corporation, October 2017
This white paper is a report of a joint study by Efma and Oracle that seeks to understand what innovation activities are taking place in banks and which are working or not working. It includes practical…

Keywords : Innovation , Offer/Pricing

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