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How to digitize the affluent customer relationship
Voice of the Members Efma, December 2019
All over the world, we see financial institutions undergoing incredible digital transformations. These transformations are not confined to retail banking.Private banking, typically a high-touch, personal…

Keywords : Financial advice , Digital/Mobile channels , Affluent/Private , Customer service

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Engaging customers in digital channels
Voice of the Members Efma, December 2019
Disruptive technology and changing customer preferences means the ways banks engage with their customers is under constant evolution. And with increased competition from tech-focused neobanks and big…

Keywords : Digital/Mobile channels , Bank Products & Services , Customer acquisition

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APAC Review 2019: Banks of the future
Regional review Efma, November 2019
Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, banks are developing strategies to take them into the future – to provide experiences that meet the expectations of modern customers and capitalize on the opportunities…

Keywords : Digital payments/Wallet , Business strategy/Model , Bank Products & Services , Transformation , Digital/Mobile channels

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World Retail Banking Report 2019
Study Efma, Capgemini, October 2019
Doors have been opened to new-age players in the banking industry, intensifying the need for incumbent banks to prepare for change in order to remain competitive. Players that can deliver reliable, quick,…

Keywords : Business strategy/Model , API/Open banking , Bank Products & Services

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Artificial intelligence: Challenges and opportunities for insurers
Study Roland Berger, October 2019
Artificial Intelligence has gained momentum over the last years and is becoming omnipresent in the insurance landscape. New pilots and proofs of concept are being tested and implemented throughout the…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , AI/Robotics

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Exploring the potential of blockchain
Voice of the Members Efma, October 2019
Blockchain has already brought about substantial change in the retail financial services industry and, as the technology matures, its impact will become even more profound.Not only does it promise to…

Keywords : Blockchain

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Cloud banking: Innovation without limits?
Study Finastra, October 2019
A few years ago, the need to overcome legacy issues and become more efficient whilst reducing costs prompted banks to consider moving to the cloud. It is now clear that the need to innovate and keep up…

Keywords : Technology , Transformation , Operations/New processes

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Innovation in Retail Banking 2019
Study Finacle Infosys, October 2019
This year’s edition of the Innovation in Retail Banking report shows that while progress has been made in the areas of digital transformation, progress is exceedingly slow. In fact, there are indications…

Keywords : Innovation , Bank Products & Services

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The future branch
Voice of the Members Efma, October 2019
Advancing digital technologies have brought dynamic transformation to the financial services market, amid changing customer expectations and an ongoing influx of fintechs. As banks negotiate this changing…

Keywords : Branch

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World InsurTech Report 2019
Study Capgemini, October 2019
The World InsurTech Report (WITR) 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores the Insurance marketplace of the future and offers insights into how established insurers and InsurTechs can remain competitive…

Keywords : Fintech , Insurance Products & Services

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