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Efma Insurance Review 2019
Regional review Efma, May 2019
It’s been a stimulating year to work in the insurance sector as the industry’s transformation continues to build momentum. During 2018, insurance companies implemented disruptive and strategic…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Business strategy/Model

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World Insurance Report 2019
Study Capgemini, May 2019
Rapidly evolving environmental, technological, social, and business factors are transforming the insurance landscape by sparking new risks or driving change within existing threats. The World Insurance…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services

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SME Banking: Cracking the small business ecosystem
Digest Efma, April 2019
Operating across the entire spectrum of industries, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a variety of unique and complex business needs. But one thing they share is a need for easy access to…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , API/Open banking , Business strategy/Model , SME/Corporate

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Turn your contact center into an engagement and financial advice hub
Study Forrester, April 2019
We surveyed and interviewed executives at retail banks to understand the state of contact centers and customer service in retail banking. This report examines the findings from our survey and interviews…

Keywords : Customer experience , Digital/Mobile channels , Customer service , Contact centre

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Artificial intelligence: A key enabler for accelerating the digital transformation
Study Microsoft, April 2019
Banks have seen some major changes in the past due to developments in technology. However, these could pale into insignificance when compared with the changes that are currently happening as a result…

Keywords : Digital/Mobile channels , Transformation , AI/Robotics

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Bank + Fintech: The secret to a successful collaboration
Voice of the Members Efma, April 2019
To keep up with increasing customer demands for ‘anytime’ banking and innovative new services built around the latest technologies, traditional financial institutions have realized that the…

Keywords : Fintech , Bank Products & Services , Innovation

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Building the bank of the future (Part 1): The first steps of open banking
Study Wavestone, March 2019
For almost 20 years, new technologies and digital innovation have impacted every business activity, including the financial sector. Although retail banking has not fundamentally changed until now, the…

Keywords : API/Open banking , Digital/Mobile channels , Bank Products & Services , Business strategy/Model

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Digital banking 2025
White paper Efma, March 2019
The rise of smartphones heralded a stunning change in consumer choice. The ability to immediately evaluate experiences across brands and select what the customer wants. Or switch providers that disappoint…

Keywords : Customer experience , AI/Robotics , Digital/Mobile channels , Bank Products & Services , Transformation , Cybersecurity/Authentication , Customer acquisition , Credit

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Retail banking in the Middle East: Digital transformation for customer satisfaction
Regional review Efma, February 2019
The dynamic and diverse countries of the Middle East provide a fascinating mix of challenge and complexity for the financial services firms that operate in the region. Rapid adoption and deep penetration…

Keywords : Innovation , Transformation , Business strategy/Model , Bank Products & Services

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P2P payments: the fintech and bigtech threat
White paper Efma, February 2019
Peer-to-peer payments solutions have emerged as a key battleground in the financial services. With the potential to put the customer at the center of a fast, convenient and personalized experience, P2P…

Keywords : GAFA/New competitors , Digital payments/Wallet , P2P payments/Money transfer , Fintech

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