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Banco Bradesco: Engaging with Millennials
Champion Series Efma, June 2020
Disruptive technology and changing customer preferences mean the ways banks engage with their customers is under constant evolution. Combined with increased competition from tech-focused neobanks and…

Keywords : Youth , Digital marketing , Marketing & Sales , Customer loyalty , Customer acquisition

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Improving origination in the branch: Streamlining onboarding, sales and advisory with the latest technologies
Industry Insight Efma, VeriPark, June 2020
Continuing developments in technology have brought major changes for the banking industry. Customers now expect immediate, personalized and seamless service across all channels, while a growing number…

Keywords : Branch , Sales management , Technology , Omnichannel/Multichannel

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Fintechs and bank+fintech partnerships after COVID-19
Special Edition Efma, June 2020
We are living through an exceptional moment which many people define as “the largest Black Swan event of our lifetimes.” There is no question that 2020 will be challenging for fintechs to…

Keywords : Innovation , Bank Products & Services , Covid-19 , Fintech

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Conceptualizing an advanced and relevant SME app
Industry Insight Efma, Backbase, June 2020
Mobile business banking apps are taking off – and banks need to develop a strong strategy in order to compete with successful Neo banks like N26. As a result of the June 2019 SME Banking Council,…

Keywords : SME/Corporate , Digital/Mobile channels

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Efma Review 2020
Regional review Efma, June 2020
While this review focuses on 2019 and highlights the innovations and successes the industry enjoyed the past year, 2020 is set to be defined by the Covid-19 outbreak and its ensuing impacts on the globe.…

Keywords : Business strategy/Model , Bank Products & Services , Transformation , Corporate social responsibility (CSR) , Insurance Products & Services , Innovation , Digital/Mobile channels

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World Retail Banking Report 2020
Study Efma, Capgemini, June 2020
An inventive approach to banking is a must for sustainable growth. The World Retail Banking Report (WRBR) 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores the importance of platformification in the Open X era, with…

Keywords : Digital/Mobile channels , Bank Products & Services , Transformation , API/Open banking , Business strategy/Model

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Covid-19 and the workforce: a new normal?
Special Edition Efma, May 2020
When big change hits, the world evolves. Whatever normal awaits us post Covid-19, it will be a distinct new reality. Time to understand this near future for financial services and look east and west for…

Keywords : Covid-19 , Workforce management

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How banks can use AI to transform the customer experience
Industry Insight Efma, NGDATA, May 2020
How AI and machine learning can help banks to become more intelligent by offering them cross-sell opportunities and helping them to deliver a more personalized service to their customers? Efma senior…

Keywords : Customer experience , Marketing & Sales , Big data , AI/Robotics

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World Insurance Report 2020
Study Efma, Capgemini, May 2020
From Millennials and Gen Xers to Boomers, more and more individuals are bypassing traditional methods and using digital channels for their day-to-day transactions, including insurance research and policy…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels

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World FinTech Report 2020
Study Capgemini, April 2020
BigTechs and challenger banks are significantly raising customer expectations while traditional banks are falling short, unable to compete with offerings from the new-age players.The World FinTech Report…

Keywords : Fintech , Innovation , Bank Products & Services

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