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The rise of affluent millennials: How to stay relevant
Digest Efma, June 2017
Over the next few years, a new generation is set to hold the majority of spending power and wealth in the world. Born between 1980 and 2000, the so-called millennials are currently the largest adult segment…

Keywords : Affluent/Private , Bank Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels , Youth

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World Retail Banking Report 2017
Study Capgemini, June 2017
Based on one of the industry’s largest survey responses from over 16,000 customers across 32 countries and more than 140 in-depth executive interviews, the report will examine the last trends in…

Keywords : Innovation , Business strategy/Model , API/Open banking , Fintech , Bank Products & Services

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AI and you
Study Deloitte, May 2017
Leaders of financial services institutions are concerned and excited about the business implications of Artificial Intelligence. Firms across the globe are becoming aware of the power of these technologies…

Keywords : Robotics/AI , Digital/Mobile channels

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Strategy of traditional insurers towards aggregators
Study Roland Berger, May 2017
In last years, insurance sector in most European countries has been experiencing a limited success of full direct insurance distribution model but significant rise of new purchasing behaviors from…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Insurance Products & Services , Sales management , Digital/Mobile channels

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Building the future of mobile banking - Part I
Study Wavestone, May 2017
Financial services are still facing the collateral effects of the financial crisis. Lately, a lot of effort have been made to comply with the new regulations, to stabilize their finances by making sure…

Keywords : Customer acquisition , Customer experience , Digital/Mobile channels

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Reinventing retail banking
Study A.T. Kearney, April 2017
The question about digital’s impact on industries no longer needs to be debated. Without doubt, digital is one of the few top-line growth tools executives still have in their arsenals. The exponential…

Keywords : Operational excellence/Cost efficiency

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Tailoring the data driven customer experience
Study EY, April 2017
The European banking market continues to evolve rapidly – in fact, so rapidly that some banks are struggling to keep up. EY and Efma want to help address these challenges.In our view, the ability…

Keywords : Big data , Customer experience , API/Open banking , Digital marketing

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An open future: Navigating the hurdles of open banking
Digest Efma, March 2017
Open Banking promises to be the next game changer in our industry. All around the world, banks are beginning to explore its potential. Some have already been doing it voluntarily, keen to drive innovation…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels , API/Open banking

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Frictionless payments & wallets
Study A.T. Kearney, March 2017
Non-cash payments have grown 6 percent annually across Europe over the past decade. We estimate that by 2022 there will be more cashless transactions in Europe than those using cash. Around the same time,…

Keywords : Digital payments/Wallet

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Video banking: Advancing on the road to maturity
Study Vidyo, March 2017
This joint report was co-authored by Efma, CUNA Strategic Services, a US organization providing credit unions with access to high quality products, services and technologies and Vidyo, a leading video…

Keywords : Digital/Mobile channels , Video services , Bank Products & Services

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