Kasikornbank: Mobile and marketplaces for the next generation

Kasikornbank: Mobile and marketplaces for the next generation

At Efma, it is our mission to promote knowledge sharing and best practices in the financial services industry. It is easier to do when some of the most innovative players in the industry make up our membership. In this latest installment of our ‘Champions series’, we are delighted to feature Kasikornbank from Thailand.

Increasingly, your bank is located in your pocket, not at the bank branch. As a result, banks must deliver next-gen offerings through mobile platforms. Over the past decade, Kasikornbank has created a suite of digital tools for their customers. The bank has sought out not only new tools, but new technologies and new ways of working to deliver value to their customers.

As any banker knows, digitization is the key to success in the current business climate. In highlighting Kasikorn, we are recognizing the achievements of one of the most digitally-forward banks in Southeast Asia. As you will see, much of their success comes from being able to combine all the digital components – AI, mobile, open API, ecosystems – into an effective package.

Kasikornbank is truly a champion bank and we are delighted to tell their story. We hope you enjoy the insight in the pages that follow.

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