Challenging yourself: How traditional banks are forging their own challenger banks

Voice of the Members

July 2020

In this upcoming Voice of the Members paper we will look at the way some traditional banks have responded to the threat of challenger banks: by creating an entirely new, digital bank internally.

What led these financial institutions to launch their own neobank and how did they proceed? How are these neobanks positioned in the market? Do they cannibalize current customers or are they targeted at an entirely new segment? How (in)dependent are they from the incumbent banks? How successful have they been and how do they plan to compete in the future banking landscape?

This paper will gather exclusive interviews with top executives from ActivoBank (Millennium bcp), buddybank (UniCredit), Discovery Bank (Discovery), EON (Union Bank of the Philippines), Hello Bank! (BNP Paribas), ImaginBank (CaixaBank), Jibun Bank (MUFG), Liv. (Emirates NBD), Mox (Standard Chartered Bank), Next (Banco Bradesco), Space (TBC Bank), Woop (Sicredi).

Keywords : Business strategy/Model , Digital/Mobile channels , Bank Products & Services