Improving origination in the branch: Streamlining onboarding, sales and advisory with the latest technologies

Industry Insight

June 2020

Continuing developments in technology have brought major changes for the banking industry. Customers now expect immediate, personalized and seamless service across all channels, while a growing number of fintechs and digital-native challengers are ready to provide it. But rumors of the death of branch banking have been greatly over-exaggerated. Today, leading banks are finding that the branch holds opportunities to differentiate by combining face-to-face with digital interactions.

Origination plays a central role in onboarding new customers and developing the bank’s relationship with existing ones. As banks position themselves as trusted partners to help their customers negotiate major life events and achieve their aspirations, speed, efficiency and personalization are more important than they have ever been. To transform the branch into a high-value sales center for that relationship, banks need to leverage technology to empower their staff and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

This report looks at why banks are exploring ways to improve origination in the branch and considers the best approaches they can take to redesign the branch experience and increase the potential value of branches. In addition, it provides a snapshot of how banks across the world are innovating to deliver truly seamless, omnichannel origination capabilities for staff and customers alike.

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Keywords : Branch , Sales management , Technology , Omnichannel/Multichannel