Africa: Delivering service excellence in a digital world

Africa: Delivering service excellence in a digital world

As many African banks compete to be the first to provide fully digital banking services to customers, they must endeavor to deliver an excellent customer experience. With mobile penetration accelerating and digital transactions taking off across the continent, cities and rural areas alike are undergoing a cultural change.

In the pages to come, we present the main challenges and opportunities that banks across Africa face as they seek to connect with a new generation of customers and put digital at the center of their business models. We will hear from local industry leaders about how they’re embracing the latest technology to offer exciting new customer experiences and product offerings in a more cost-effective manner and tackle financial inclusion head on.

This edition includes interviews with senior executives from leading banks in Africa: Bank of Africa Group, Crédit Agricole du Maroc, Standard Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Wema Bank. Thank you to these Efma members for contributing their experience and insight. Your knowledge and vision will benefit financial organizations worldwide.

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