Retail banking in Asia Pacific

Regional review

October 2018

Across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, banks are leveraging digital technologies to put customers at the center of their innovation strategies and create personalized banking experiences that leave nobody behind. High levels of digital and mobile technology adoption across the region are driving banks’ transformation efforts in developed and developing markets alike. In this fast-moving marketplace, non-banking tech giants present a key challenge – but as partnerships with fintechs continue to prove fruitful ground, banks are also creating huge opportunities.

In this Regional Review we explore how banks in the APAC region are responding to the challenges and opportunities they face as they continue their digital transformation journeys. Leading bankers from across the region tell us how they are putting customers at the center of innovation, to provide personalized banking experiences and support ambitious strategies from achieving international growth to increasing financial literacy and reaching remote and unbanked sectors of the population.

The publication includes interviews with leading innovators in the APAC banking industry, providing deep insight into the influences, expertise and strategic vision that are transforming the sector.

We also discover details about the latest innovations in retail banking across the region, from automated in-branch experiences to biometrics, or from customized mobile experiences to innovative offerings that combine non-bank services with personalized banking.

Our thanks go to the Efma members who have contributed their experience and insight to our Regional Review for the APAC region. Through their generosity in sharing their knowledge and vision they paint a vivid picture of the region’s innovative banking landscape – one that will benefit financial organizations across the region and beyond.

We hope you find this Regional Review an informative and valuable resource.

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Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Business strategy/Model