Robo-advisory: The future of financial advisory services


February 2018

Following several months of analysis, we are pleased to present our report on Robo-Advisory, the future of financial advisory services.

Axis Corporate, in collaboration with Efma, has carried out this study with the aim of offering a vision of the digitisation process of the financial advisory services in Banking worldwide. The study aims to show the trends and strategies of banking entities to incorporate these services in their different channels, using Robo-Advisory models as an illustrative example of this digitisation process.

Robo-Advisory platforms may be the first digitised financial advisory service in Banking. The study of different implementation and integration strategies for Robo-Advisory methodologies in commercial models and processes in banking can offer an insight into the future challenges of the digitisation process for financial advisory services in general.

There are different factors that are driving the need to integrate digital financial advisory services in the different Banking channels and which highlight the importance of knowing the future challenges in its digitisation process:

- To be able to expand the range of services in digital channels.
- To improve the user experience in all channels.
- Improve business processes in terms of efficiency and rigour in the recommendation of products in traditional channels.

This report consists of an executive summary with the main ideas of the study, followed by nine Key Findings, where we show the most relevant statistical results of the study, supported by specific articles with the opinion of our experts.

Keywords : AI/Robotics , Financial advice , Digital/Mobile channels