World Retail Banking Report 2018


September 2018

In this digital-first economy, reinvention is the only way forward. Banks have little choice but to be laser-focused on the customer journey. The relentless speed of innovation has resulted in continuous disruption on many fronts, an explosion of new technologies (open APIs, artificial intelligence and blockchain), and soaring consumer expectations.

As the World Retail Banking Report 2018 (WRBR) from Capgemini and Efma reveals, the next wave in the industry will bring an ecosystem of banks, BigTechs, FinTech firms, regulators, and developers as well as non-banking firms. The common element is that all these players place the customer at the center of their value proposition. While banks can and should play a central role in this new ecosystem, WRBR 2018 assesses the significant change process all banks will need to undergo in their commercial and operating models in order to remain competitive.

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