Unleashing the power of Machine Learning in retail financial services


October 2018

In collaboration with Efma, Google explores the transformation journey and necessary foundations to prepare a retail financial services organization to leverage this powerful tool to better use the rich data that the industry is in a privileged position to mine.

The report will study the attitude and expectations of financial services towards Machine Learning, and more specfically:
•    are we facing an evolutionary or revolutionary step forward for our industry ?
•    the areas where the highest value is expected to be gained from Machine Learning: which of a diverse array of front and back end functions hold most potential

On a more organizational dimension, the report will shed light on the degree of readiness and challenges to deploying this technology. HR is one important condition to this deployment: do financial institutions already have the talent with the appropriate skills or will training or recruiting talent be a bottle neck? We expect to bring some indicators on this important constraint.

Keywords : AI/Robotics , Big data

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