Building the future of mobile banking


May 2018

Building the future of mobile banking report, covering the individual and the professional market worldwide, is based on our online banking services benchmark, our digital banks and Fintechs observatory, bank case studies and several bank interviews. You will find these materials in the study through numerous illustrations, coming from the analysis of about 30 digital banks, including new challenger banks and digital banks backed by traditional ones, as well as about 180 Fintechs.

In collaboration with Efma, Wavestone aims at designing the future outlines of mobile banking through 3 pillars covering all features of a bank:
Part 1: Customer targets, acquisition strategy and customer experience
Part 2: Organisation and processes
Part 3: Security and regulatory

The different parts are released progressively, before being synthetized within a global study. Pre-order your copy of the final report now.

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels