World FinTech Report 2018

World FinTech Report 2018

Financial Services customers across the globe have collectively raised their voices and their expectations. If they can order books, food, and travel with a few simple clicks on their phone, they now expect no less from their financial services providers.

Enter FinTechs. These innovative, agile entrepreneurs have changed the financial services landscape by using mobility and technology to deliver financial products that were traditionally the domain of financial services firms.  By doing this they have changed the customer journey for consumers and their institutions. And, the world as traditional firms knew it, changed forever.

Now, traditional firms are transforming their strategies to align goals with customer goals and expectations. Through collaborative partnerships with FinTech firms, incumbents are focusing on creating superior customer journeys. While FinTechs are enthusiastic to partner, they face challenges in finding a compatible traditional firm partner, in making the partnership work smoothly, and in scaling innovations developed through collaboration.

The World FinTech Report 2018, from Capgemini and LinkedIn, in collaboration with Efma, explores approaches and engagement models traditional firms and FinTechs can adopt for a successful collaboration and assesses the best practices from the industry for finding the right approach.

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