Efma Review 2017

Efma Review 2017

The retail financial services industry is an exciting place to be at the moment. While it is important to acknowledge the continued pressure facing the sector, there’s no question that the number of opportunities being presented to banks and insurers – via the rise of fintechs, data analytics, robots and artificial intelligence for example – is quite phenomenal.

At Efma we’re making it our mission to help the financial services community to reap the rewards of these new opportunities. We’ve launched three new portals (the Fintech portal; the SME AppsBank portal; and the Innovation portal for insurance) in order to showcase the most exciting implementations from across the industry. We’ve evolved our digital content portfolio so that it’s topic-centric and more valuable for members. And we’ve transformed our events and networking meetings, not only running the popular conferences and summits that our members know and love, but also adding into the mix new learning expeditions, as well as redesigned co-working councils, incubation programmes and co-creation projects.

You can find out more about the new and exciting developments that are happening at Efma in the following pages. You can also discover how different innovations and approaches are being adopted in different parts of the world in our series of regional overviews. And get an in-depth overview of the latest research, case studies and thought leadership surrounding the most important topics facing financial services organisations today including innovation, fintech, transformation, operational excellence, SMEs, affluent and private banking, insurance, dynamic distribution, marketing and customer data.

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