Banking information systems in the digital era


October 2017

This joint paper aims at gathering key strategy direction in terms of banking architecture in the EMEA region and has the ambition to help executives benchmark their IT practice against local and regional peers.

It will highlight and provide point of views on key trends affecting banking institutions and their impact on core banking systems.

The report will also explore how technology platforms are used to support regulatory, innovative and digital initiatives faced today by most banking organisations, and will provide topical insights based on real-life experience for executives facing or contemplating projects around banking software, from API opening, partial renewal, full replacement, outsourcing to set-up of shared services.

Addressed topics will include type of system used, age of systems, functional coverage, sourcing modes, past, present and future initiatives around core banking system transformation impact of banking trends on core banking systems.

Keywords : API/Open banking , Business strategy/Model , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency