Digital transformation of the banking salesforce


November 2016

Digital is radically transforming the banking network, generating a clear call to action for managers and HR to reshape the salesforce.

The drivers for change include the migration of customers from branches to digital and multichannel; branch profitability; and the erosion of trust.

Nevertheless, powered by digital enablers, salesforces can still make the difference to complex products and to client relationships where the human touch is required.

This assumption, which is supported by data, was discussed during three interactive Think Tank meetings hosted by Efma. Based on the results of these discussions, and to enhance sales performance, we developed a framework with clear and simple actions to transform the salesforce. This digital framework is supported by four “D” pillars: Define the talent you need; Discover your digital talent; Develop your talents; and Deploy the right people in the right places.

The ultimate goal is to get closer and closer to clients in each channel by digitally enabling, engaging and educating the workforce. Digital workforce transformation therefore relies on new enabling capabilities, and a reward scheme that encourages the adoption of the right behavior and the infusion of digital skills.

Keywords : Operations/New processes , Sales management , Digital/Mobile channels