Innovative trends in retail banking 2019: The return of the human element 13 June 2019

The Banking Innovation Awards is a joint initiative from Accenture and Efma introduced in 2012 to identify and appraise the most innovative projects in Retail Banking at global level. The sixth edition of the program, with its closing ceremony held in Lisbon has proven once again to be “the place to be” for banks looking for showcasing their most innovative projects, networking and benchmarking with their peers and taking inspirations to further evolve their innovation agenda.
But a closer look at the competing projects unveils something more: the program turned to be a powerful asset for innovation lovers and industry analysts. With more than 180 banks competing and ~420 innovations collected at worldwide level, the program is a recognized, powerful tool able to depict the evolution roadmap of the whole industry, showing where banks are placing their bets and discovering whether previous initiatives have proven to be a successful or not.

This new report by Accenture and Efma present the latest trends in retail banking.

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