Machine learning in financial institutions

Financial institutions are employing advanced analytic tools like AI and machine learning across a wide range of functions. These technologies are transforming banking and improving the customer experience. AI is being used for customer personalization, advanced identification of patterns and connections, and answering questions about banking issues in real-time. 

Efma and Google have teamed up for a survey of 60+ banks to better understand where these institutions are in their AI journeys. This report delivers a snapshot of the industry when it comes to AI implementation while providing an updated benchmark for organizations to follow for improved results.

The goal of this report is to provide insight on how organizations are utilizing artificial intelligence to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve the customer experience. We will provide case studies and interviews with financial institution leaders on how organizations are leveraging machine learning functionality. By better understanding how banks are using advanced analytics, we can gauge the maturity level of AI and help chart a path forward.


Big data AI/Robotics

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