How Alior Bank excels in product design 11 July 2019

Alior Bank is an Efma member that has always impressed us for its ability to innovate and create new products that fit well with customers’ needs. Many companies operating in the digital space like to consider themselves ‘disruptors’ – but in the case of Alior Bank, this description is an accurate one.

As the first start-up bank in Poland, Alior has been able to implement a range of 21st-century technologies, unhampered by legacy systems. This means that it is already seeing the benefits of solutions that use blockchain, roboadvisory, open banking and AI as well as biometry to serve its customer base.

Alior is also proof that newcomer status need not be a hindrance to ambition. The bank has built up assets valued at 71.4 billion PLN and has already taken seventh place in the country’s banking sector as of September 2018.Fast growth brings many challenges when it comes to managing relationships with booming numbers of customers. In the interviews in this publication, several of the most senior figures in the bank describe how they are tackling the multifaceted demands of attracting and keeping the loyalty of its four million-plus customer base, including more than 180,000 small businesses. They trace the journey the bank has taken so far, covering aspects such as product management, fintech, retail banking and innovation, and give insights into the bank’s strategy for the future.

Since 2014 Alior Bank shares have been included in the WIG20 index, which comprises the largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The bank has received nominations at the Efma Accenture DMI Awards almost every year since inception. In 2018, the bank won a gold award at the Efma Accenture DMI Awards 2018 with its Konto Jake Osobiste (Highly Personal Account) product in the ‘Offering Innovation’ category. For all these reasons, we consider the bank a champion.

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