Cost-to-serve 15 February 2012

Cette étude est disponible uniquement en anglais. The world of business is becoming ever-more competitive. Understanding Cost-to-Serve and correctly managing Customer Loyalty are key tools in staying competitive. This study aims to find the extent to which different activities in these areas have a bearing on business success. The study uses two metrics as proxies for commercial success – for our banks they are: - the growth in market capitalisation 2006-2011 - the June 2011 Cost-Income ratio. Cost-to-Serve is a tool to calculate the profitability of a customer account, based on the actual business activities and overhead costs incurred to service that customer. Cost-to-Serve understanding covers three main areas, one within an organisation’s control and two without. The first area is the firm itself. Outside the organisation’s control are the Regulatory Environment and prevailing Market Conditions. This report will use the structure below as a framework for a discussion of the findings.
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