The future branch 09 October 2019

Advancing digital technologies have brought dynamic transformation to the financial services market, amid changing customer expectations and an ongoing influx of fintechs. As banks negotiate this changing landscape and seek to navigate a path to competitive success, they are evolving innovative business models and new organizational structures to support them. Bank branches, the longest established building blocks in that structure, have emerged as a critical factor in their success.

In the following pages, we explore the main challenges and opportunities that banks face as they seek to position the branch as a relevant, value-adding part of the banking experience for today’s customers. We will hear from banking leaders about why the branch is still essential to customers, and how they are reimagining it to deliver the knowledge, interaction and value that is relevant to customers who transact in an increasingly connected, self-service financial world.

This latest report in Efma’s Voice of the Members series focuses on the bank branch through the lens of Efma’s unparalleled network of experts and professionals in financial institutions, who are collectively leading the way in reinventing financial services. In doing so, it provides a rich environment in which to understand not only the issues affecting the industry, but also the different perspectives of peers and colleagues in different markets and geographies.

It includes interviews with senior executives from leading banks around the world: Bank Central Asia, CaixaBank, mBank, Metro Bank, Raiffeisen Banka, Sberbank, Sicredi and UBB.

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