Bank + Fintech: The secret to a successful collaboration 11 April 2019

To keep up with increasing customer demands for ‘anytime’ banking and innovative new services built around the latest technologies, traditional financial institutions have realized that the role of fintechs is fundamental to their success. Banks needs fintechs to innovate, be more agile and offer a streamline experience.

Dynamic and customer-focused, fintechs are better able to adapt to the changing needs of the market, but they cannot succeed on their own. They have realized that they need to leverage the gravitas and well-established networks of traditional banks in order to reach customers and grow.

In the pages to come we unlock some of the most important challenges that are facing both banks and fintechs, outlining the biggest opportunities and best-practices that have seen pioneering organizations reach great success.

It includes interviews with senior executives from ING Bank Turkey and Cbot, Standard Chartered Bank South Korea and PayKey, and National Bank of Canada and Flinks.

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