The expanding role of e-channels in CRM

Etude disponible uniquement en anglais. “The Expanding Role of E-Channels in CRM” is the third study in a series jointly developed by Efma and Atos Worldline. The first and second study focused exclusively on the subject of CRM, but this year we have taken a wider spectrum on the development of electronic channels, and the impact this is having on the management of customer relationships. Since the launch of Internet Banking in the 1990’s, there has been a steady growth in the usage of electronic channels, driving transactions and sales away from branches and gradually changing the nature of the bank’s relationship with its customers. However, the rate of change has accelerated recently: • Smart phones with advanced features and 3G or 4G access are widely used now, enabling more sophisticated applications and a better customer experience. • Broadband access for Internet is growing rapidly making it possible to offer services like video conferencing, and much richer, personalized Internet banking experiences. There is clear evidence that banks across Europe, as they emerge from the financial crisis, are developing new products and services in order to anticipate and take advantage of these trends. The nature of communication between banks and their customers is therefore starting to change quite rapidly and banks need to be able to experiment and adapt themselves in nearly real time. There are some banks who are clearly leading in the area of e-channel services offered, CRM capabilities used within the e-channels, and the overall e-channel and CRM integration. All banks are making progress in this area but not all have been able (or chosen) to keep up with the leaders. One of the big challenges is where to prioritise developments in a cost-constrained environment. This study is still focused on retail banking and we have maintained the dual methodology that formed the success of the first two reports. Hence, it is based on desk research as well as a quantitative survey and a qualitative survey. The quantitative survey was conducted using an online questionnaire to banks, which resulted in 47 complete responses from 8 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The qualitative survey included 17 interviews with senior managers responsible for e-channels or CRM within their institution. www.atosworldline.com/en/107/Latest-News.html www.atosworldline.com/ext/download/EFMA/EFMA2011.pdf

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