Insurance in the mobile-first era: Breakfast briefing in Madrid

26 September 2017

Please, note that this presentation is reserved for financial institutions only.

Insurance is facing incredibly interesting times. Change is definitely a new normal and technology opens new opportunities for business models. Digitization becomes everyday corporate mantra. No single insurer gives up on looking for ways to collect, analyze and use data more effectively. Some are now beginning to employ a strategic approach towards customer- and employee-centric mobile apps.

But here's where it shows how much insurance differs from banking. When more and more banks announce their mobile-first strategy, when almost every day new banking apps are launched, insurance companies have so far hardly gone the same path. And for most of those who did, the path was rather thorny.

So, does insurance lag much behind other industries here? If so, why – and how? That’s what we wanted to find out initiating our research. Our aim was to probe the current status and ask about the future of mobile technologies in the insurance realm.

We'd be pleased to share the results with you. We do believe that the study we have conducted with Efma, on the state of insurance in the mobile-first era, will bring you a wealth of insights and analyses.

Join us for a roadshow taking place on 26 September 2017 in Madrid, during which you'll be able to take a sneak-peek into what we've come to know talking about mobile to over 50 leading European insurers.

You'll learn:
- How many of them are currently offering - or working on - mobile apps, and in which areas those apps can be best applied
- Where the lack of strategy and belief for mobile come from
- What today's apps are mainly focused on
- Which insurance products are considered most prospective for the mobile channel
- How many insurers say they are happy with the results of deploying mobile apps for both customers and agents – and how many rate the apps as not living up to expectations
...and many more.

Participation is free of charge. We kindly ask you to register in advance due to space limitations.

We thank our partner