Banking in a Digital World presentation in Poland

30 May 2014

This exclusive roundtable will showcase results from the global study “Banking in a digital world”, as well as present insights on key solutions to excel along the challenging journey towards an improved customer experience and faster, more efficient services.

For many experts, digital banking is the cure for the shattered banking industry after the recent financial crisis. And they are probably right. However, customers are still waiting for the new banking experience, supposed to bring many new features, including anytime and anywhere banking, ultra-fast response times, and omnipresent advisors.

So, why don't banks just pick up the pace? Because it requires more fundamental changes than expected at first sight.

New competitors from adjacent industries and financial technology startups are flooding the market with technology-driven deviations from the traditional banking model. Moreover, customers' attitudes have fundamentally changed. They are making decisions much faster and have access to a plethora of offers. The challenges in this fast-moving, demanding digital world are tough.

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