From service to sales to assisted self service to sales 15 November 2017

This presentation will be about a successful project, also called “Customer Branch Experience 2.0” that evolves four coordinated initiatives

  • Completely redesigned physical format designed for functional simplicity and to reinforce Millennium’s brand image. The “branch of the future” is a completely new concept embracing a clean, bright, and digitally-driven layout supplemented by music and a specific aroma. In addition to the Digital Experience Zone (below), the new branches offer meeting rooms for more private meetings.
  • Digital Experience Zone and Lounge designed to merchandize the bank’s products, services and platforms, including digital signage and digital price list. Employees use this area to demonstrate the bank's digital capabilities and showcase products. An accompanying lounge area includes aromatherapy and free WiFi where customers may browse the Internet and demo the bank’s apps. The digital price list replaces a 200-page paper version. In addition to being simple and convenient for customers, updates are made centrally, reducing the cost and effort associated with periodic changes.
  • Simpler, fully digital processes replace previous paper-based workflow to arrive at a high degree of straight-through processing for: new accounts, term deposits, product bundles, health and risk insurance, cards, financial insurance, and investments. Customers can browse or begin applications in the branch with the assistance of tablet-equipped employees and can resume applications which began digitally.
  • Assisted self-service terminals (branded Millennium Teller Machines) displacing traditional teller stations. These devices are employed both inside and outside the lobby. During normal business hours, branch personnel engage customers. After hours, Millennium employs remote tellers to extend service hours. Most branch transactions are supported, including cash/coin and cheque deposit and withdrawals. Select branches open traditional teller stations dynamically as needed, based on merchant and consumer transaction activity. This approach minimizes cost while providing extra capacity only when needed.


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