Point of view

GDPR: Leveraging the trust advantage of banks
June 2018
In the latest Efma & BCG Point of View we take a look at what the GDPR regulation really means, and how retail banks can integrate it into their data strategy to ensure they can go on accessing and…

AI: Behind the hype and the smoke
May 2018
In the latest Efma & BCG Point of View we take a look at what AI really means, and how institutions can integrate it into their complex structure to ensure they can reap the benefits for both customer…

Digital payments: The primary banking relationships at stake
November 2017
Payments is a constant source of innovation in Retail Banking - with banks, fintechs and digital giants bringing fresh ideas and features all along the payments customer journey. In a field of a thousand…

Branches: to close or not to close?
May 2017
The future of the branch networks has been in question for a while. Most of the financial institutions around the world have already initiated branch closures and/or launched branch transformations in…

Adapting banks to a new normal environment of low interest rates
December 2016
The 'new normal' environment of durably low interest rates is challenging the model of banking intermediation. While effects have not yet fully played out, the flattening of the yield curve puts banks'…

What is the future of retail banking after PSD2?
June 2016
Axel Reinaud from BCG and Vincent Bastid from Efma are delighted to share their views on Payments Service Directives II (PSD2). Dealing with PSD2, they are wondering how it will impact daily…

Retail banks at the crossroad
April 2016
Almost eight years on after the financial crisis, many retail banks’ 2015 results still leave investors and financial markets disappointed, in particular in Europe. Is there a need to reinvent the…

Efma pov

The point of views are the results of a close collaboration between Efma and BCG.

These synthesis papers on hot topics are intended to assist members in their reflections in the area of retail financial services: marketing banking services, products and services, distribution circuits, multi-channel banking, online financial services, customer relationship management, etc.