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What is Efma?

A non-profit organization created in 1971 by leading banks and insurance companies, now the preferred network of over 120 financial groups in 133 countries all around the world.

Efma unites financial services industry professionals within a global and reliable network and facilitates connection and exchange among the sector’s decision-makers.

Our purpose is to support our members and create a strong community based on expertise and skills. Our mission is to provide community intelligence to optimize, innovate and transform by recognizing our members’ best practices and connecting them.

About Efma
What are the benefits of being a member?

Efma, as a global network of contacts and aggregator of valuable insights and trends, provides several advantages to all institutions that become members:

Connect with a reliable network of high level financial services professionals from all the continents

International conferences

to meet field experts, exchange ideas and business cards and increase your network of valuable contacts

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Topic-specific communities

created for you to connect with the right professionals and forge mutually beneficial business partnerships.
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Exclusive top level meetings

to build your network and create lasting ties with your local and international peers

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Introductions and private meetings

Invite or get invited by key financial services players from the Efma network and take discussions further

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Learn the latest trends and use the exclusive resources to benchmark your institution and improve strategies

Co-branded research findings

with renowned consultancy companies to keep you updated with the latest trends in the industry

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Exclusive insights

via several types of in-depth papers, gathering the best business case studies illustrating today’s challenges and opportunities worldwide

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Reviews by topic or region

to analyze how different sectors or markets evolve independently and have a great impact globally

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Exclusive webinar series

that can be watched live or in replay and bring you answers to hot questions, delivered by field experts and senior advisors

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Customized training programs

on your premises, to foster professional development of your talents and get strategic recommendations

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Topical newsletters

to receive what and when you wish, according to your interests

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In-depth papers
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Innovate and continually get inspired by thousands of innovative projects led by banks, insurance companies and FinTechs on our portals

Learning expeditions

in highly demanded regions and only at key players’ HQs – “behind the scenes” that will be your top source of inspiration

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Best banking innovations

to find out how leading institutions make the next step towards the bank of the future and help you benchmark

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Best insurance innovations

to understand how leading players transform their business and how this will affect the industry’s future

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Best Fintech companies

so that you don’t need to look further for your next business partner and other Fintech trends

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Insurance Innovations

Engage your customers, prospects, partners etc. by gaining visibility and credibility within the ecosystem

Positioning as innovation leader

while showcasing your innovative projects and winning well-known Awards

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Positioning as industry Champion

via in-depth case studies and exclusive papers on your institution

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Highlight of your top performers

on stage at Efma events, as well as in several interviews, dedicated case studies and videos

Increase your visibility within the community

on all Efma channels and via dedicated campaigns that highlight the leading institutions in the network

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What do members say about Efma?

Benjamí Puigdevall
Executive President Digital Business and Corporate Director
Caixabank Digital Business, Spain

Efma has given CaixaBank the opportunity to participate in rich discussions with fellow banks all around the world, giving us the possibility to understand their unique challenges and share different points of view on multiple topics such as Open Banking and PSD2. The opportunities of collaborating with banks on ad-hoc meetings or through specific councils are all great and distinctive characteristics that we at CaixaBank see as a great potential for all members. Overall, being an Efma member allows CaixaBank to be more aware of worldwide trends and to be constantly informed of the latest news in the sector.

Sorachna Honn
Chief Executive Officer
Prince Bank, Cambodia

An international organization like Efma provides us access to a platform that brings together local, regional, and global leaders to participate in information-sharing and networking opportunities. […] it is vital for our management team to be exposed to the latest trends, innovations, and best practices impacting the banking industry.
As a member of Efma, we are able to enhance our local knowledge by developing a global mind-set to help us incorporate different perspectives as we continue to grow.

Wick A. Veloso
President and CEO
Philippine National Bank, Philippines

Research keeps bank abreast of the retail banking trends and innovations worldwide. These help Philippine National Bank study and explore potential ideas and models applicable to our strategy focused on safe, aggressive growth. We value the opportunity to learn and discuss important industry issues and developments with our peers in the retail business worldwide through Efma.

Renata Petrovic
Research & Innovation Superintendent
Banco Bradesco, Brazil

As members of Efma, we are kept up to date on the latest industry trends and practices through several resources including events, in-depth reports, newsletters, amongst others; we have access to a portal with a great collection of innovation cases and inspiring ideas, where we can also showcase ours; but most importantly, we are able to network with hundreds of other financial institutions to share knowledge and best practices on topics of mutual interest.

Ângelo Guerra Vilela
Head of Digital
Ageas Portugal, Portugal

Learning is part of my job and something I constantly pursue also in my personal life.
When it comes to professional learning, I have three main sources: attending international conferences (sometimes luckily also speaking there), McKinsey and Efma.
Efma provides members with priceless sources of information, from an opened knowledge base to learning opportunities and knowledge sharing forums.
The progress Efma made in recent times is quite impressive, and I’m sure they will not stop there.

Fernando Morillo
Global Head, Retail Products & Segments
Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Efma is a great source for curated insights about the industry. Whether we are looking for research on the latest industry innovations or for in-depth case studies, we find them extremely useful for our business.
The access we get to exclusive events and meetings helps us strengthen our industry network.

Helen Carbery
Head of Investment & Protection, Retail, Commercial and Business Banking
Allied Irish Banks, Ireland

I think that being part of Efma is very valuable to enable our bank to connect quickly to the right divisions in other departments and have interesting knowledge sharing discussions. As the Efma representative has relationships with the individuals across the relevant areas in the bank, they are able to put you in contact with the senior leaders in the business you are interested in.

Joel Kornreich
Group CEO
Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia

Efma brings together collaborators around the globe who are sincere in building alliances to improve lives through the innovative delivery of financial services. The exchange of insights be it via conferences, articles, topical portals, reports, etc., helps improve efficiency at the bank, and ensure a consistent and superior customer experience journey for our clients.

Elizabeth Ramirez Peña
Digital Strategy Manager
Bancolombia, Colombia

Efma is a knowledge platform that allows us to access valuable insights, explore new trends and get inspired with new ideas. At Efma we have found very resourceful information to further nurture the discussions of our strategy and consider different perspectives when it comes to define and approach digital challenges in the financial sector.

Pratima Nundoosingh
Manager Strategy and Projects
MCB Mauritius Commercial Bank, Mauritius

Being part of Efma is for me being part of a larger community where one can share, network, learn from each other and have access to a diverse set of resources, thus allowing for growth and innovation! Highly Recommended!

Han Peng Kwang
Chartered Banker, AICB / (CB), General Manager
PhillipBank, Cambodia

PhillipBank decided to join Efma so that we can learn and study from other industry players on the latest trend in banking and digitalization space (…), to be able to serve our customers beyond just their banking needs. Although we recently joined, we already started to see the benefits. By attending the RBAS event and assessing the various papers on Efma website, we have become more aware and conscious of the future trend of the banking industry worldwide. From this awareness, we are now more open to adopt new technology and embrace digitalization process in order to help resolve the pain points of our customers in Cambodia.

Who are the Efma members?

How does it work?
Unlimited access

All financial institutions can become members of Efma. To allow greater benefits for all their employees, all subsidiaries and affiliates of an institution joining Efma are also considered to be members of the association and enjoy unlimited access and uses of the membership.

Membership fee
Membership fees are distinguished on three levels, according to the size of the institution, as per the ranking of ‘The Banker’ magazine. A fourth level was created for associations, professional groups and central banks. Fees are paid annually and institutions joining during the year pay only a proportional fee according to the remaining period.
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