General overview

This Essentials course provides top leaders with a strategic perspective on the rapid changes that emerging technologies, the rise of millennials, and outside venture capital are fueling – commonly referred to as “insurtech”.

Separating fact from fiction is challenging as hype cycles come and go. Leaders need understanding and vision to properly guide their organizations through this unprecedented time in the insurance industry. Once immune from rapid change, the entire insurance value chain faces new pressures to go beyond a product-centric approach to meet heightened customer expectations set by leading firms in the online retail, consumer technology, and entertainment sectors.

Learn how to effectively bridge the gap from legacy offerings and systems to become a truly innovative organization in practice, not just in name.  Find out how to build a culture of innovation that promotes both creativity and discipline with a specific focus on linking efforts to strategic outcomes rather than forever chasing the latest trends.

What will you get out of this Essentials course?

  • Understand the 7 "fatal flaws" that currently exist within the insurance industry that provide market openings for new, disruptive competitors
  • Articulate the reasons why the insurance marketplace has been more resistant to disruptive change as compared to other industries
  • Identify and describe several emerging technologies and potential applications that will revolutionize insurance over the next decade and beyond
  • Be able to describe the ways that millennials, venture capital, and insurtech startups are converging to accelerate the pace of change in the insurance market
  • An appreciation for the difference between “offensive innovation” and “defensive innovation” and learn why both types are important for your organization
  • Learn how to foster an innovative culture that promotes diversity of thought and inclusion to drive both top-down and bottom-up efforts that spark change
  • Practical solutions ready to be implemented in everyday business
  • Global peer collaboration and networking
  • Certificate of completion 

Who is this Essentials course for?

  • C-suite level, senior executives & directors of insurance organizations
  • Leaders and individuals responsible for driving innovation at their companies
  • Startup founders, investors, and technologists seeking to enhance the insurance value chain through partnerships 



Rob Galbraith
Rob Galbraith
Author of the bestselling book “The End Of Insurance As We Know It”


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Practical information


22 November 2021


3-hour online session 
  • starts at 8:00 New York time / 14:00 CET / 17:00 Dubai time / 21:00 Singapore time 


Online platform 
  • MS Teams


For Efma member institutions - €300
For non-member institutions - €450
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Rastislav Križan Efma
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