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Mashreq Chat Banking

The world’s first chat banking platform integrated with Facebook Messenger and powered with artificial intelligence to perform inquiries, financial transactions and cross-sell, thus enhancing customer experience.

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Mobile Interactive Assistant

MIA is a smart, interactive virtual asistant, that provides customers to complete banking transactions self-service by voice in Mobile Banking Platform and occupies a very special place among similar applications in the world with its complex grammar structure and the ability to provide service for 155 different needs based on natural speech.

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Tips in Sberbank Online

Tips in Sberbank Online are a tool based on artificial intelligence that can help users change financial habits for the better, save money, time and effort or just remember something important at a certain moment of time.

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Secured Touch

SecuredTouch’s behavioral biometrics technology replaces second-factor authentication to transparently and continuously determine if transactions are being initiated by a valid user.

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Reinventing the mobile payment paradigm leveraging ultrasound to transform the payments from “push” to “pull” experience: “as easy as using cash”.

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