Innovations library

  • EMMA, the home and renovation loan virtual assistant

    Emma, a first-of-its-kind AI powered home and renovation loan chatbot service in Singapore with the ability to advise on loan affordability and to channel leads into loan opportunities.

    Keywords : Real Estate, Robotics & AI
    Category : Big Data, Analytics & AI

  • HAIZ

    HAIZ is a banking communicator for – generally speaking – the most tech-savvy customers.

    Keywords : Digital Banking, Digital Channel, Mobile, Mobile Payment, Youth
    Category : Best New Product or Service

  • Debit MasterCard World CARD PLUS

    CARD PLUS debit card is an excellent tool for generating extra income and bonuses performing daily settlement transactions.

    Keyword : Card
    Category : Wallets & Payments

  • Bradesco Private App

    “Bradesco Private App,” technological sophistication in service of an innovative experience for the high-income client journey.

    Keywords : Affluent, Digital Channel
    Category : Best New Product or Service

  • New Mobile and Internet Banking for T-Mobile Banking Services

    T-Mobile Banking Services Mobile App and internet banking is solution that provides the highest level of satisfaction thanks to combining simple, intuitive solutions with a complete and complex money management tools.

    Keywords : Digital Channel, Mobile, Telecommunication
    Category : Best New Product or Service

  • Bradesco Financiamentos App

    “Bradesco Financiamentos App,” products, services and all details of the financing contract, readily available to our clients.

    Keywords : Customer Service, Digital Channel, Mobile
    Category : Best New Product or Service

  • JiffyPay

    Reinventing the mobile payment paradigm leveraging ultrasound to transform the payments from “push” to “pull” experience: “as easy as using cash”.

    Keywords : Customer Experience, Mobile Payment
    Category : Wallets & Payments

  • Prizma

    Prizma is a sales service model for changing the salesforce management from product centric salesforce to customer centric salesforce.

    Keywords : Big Data, CRM, Sales, Salesforce Management
    Category : Workforce Empowerment & Behavior

  • ALAT Digital Bank

    Nigeria’s first fully digital bank

    Keywords : Digital Banking, Mobile
    Category : Customer Experience & Engagement

  • Liv.

    Liv. – the first lifestyle digital bank in the world – a lifestyle accelerator that enables you to Liv. more

    Keywords : Digital Banking, Mobile
    Category : Customer Experience & Engagement