Tips in Sberbank Online


Sberbank presents a service called Tips. It is a part of Sberbank Online mobile app for private customers. It is based on artificial intelligence that help users save money, time and effort. Tips analyse the user’s financial behavior. It uses a set of machine learning models, including experiments with neural networks.

This service is a part of the deep evolution of personal finance tools. It makes it possible to break free from traditional analysis of expenses, look to the future and change one’s financial habits.

It has been created at the intersection of digital assistants such as Siri and financial services like Mint and offers the advantages of each: proactivity, analysis of financial behavior, machine learning, provision of recommendations for everyday tasks, and not just money-related ones.
In comparison with similar services of financial recommendations Tips in Sberbank Online have extra features like collection of feedback, links that allow going by advice, etc.

Eight Sberbank departments worked to create Tips (to deliver the concept, develop the product, generate content, create algorithms, support clients, etc.).

In February, Tips become available to 20 million active users of Sberbank Online. Currently the service is used by around 200,000 users daily. We are gathering feedback, assessing existing recommendations and preparing new ones. There are 50 tips available now, in a month there will be 100, and this number will continue to grow.

Besides adding new tips we intend to expand functionality, experiment with new possibilities (USG, clarifying questions etc), and add third-party content suppliers.