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mPower Business Starter is a revolution to new business opening process by integrating government, bank and accounting services into one disruptively easy and intuitive experience, which makes you a complete entrepreneur in 10 minutes instead of minimum 10 days.

Country: Poland
Launch date: 2017
Keywords: Digital/Mobile channels, Non-Financial Services, Operational Excellence/Cost Efficiency, SME/Corporate


mBank’s mPower Business Starter is a unique implementation on a global scale that is meant to have a tremendous impact at national and international levels.

Our extensive researches into the journey of starting new business made it strikingly clear, how crucial and stressful the process was. On top of dramatic life change and all business issues that unexperienced entrepreneur must solve, there came the overloading amount of formalities and legal challenges. At least 5 visits to institutions, multiple forms and ~200 fields to be filled in with data were required. An average future entrepreneur spent from 10 to even 30 days struggling to comprehend and meet all formal requirements.

Our goal was to cut it 33 times: only 6 fields to be filled in, 10 minutes to becoming an entrepreneur.

As a pioneer on Polish market, we developed integrated, 100% automated and online process that allows to set up a fully operative company in Poland in just 10 minutes. No further visits in any institutions required. This includes setting up a state digital signature, opening a business bank account, signing up for accounting services and finally officially registering a new company with all information required. mPower Business Starter is capable to serve 90% of companies opening on Polish market.

mBank’s mPower Business Starter is an end-to-end solution that makes company set up process disruptively intuitive and natural experience. It is designed not only for tech geeks but also for unexperienced and technically challenged prospect entrepreneurs. We elevate our EFMA Innovation Award winning ecosystem mAccounting to contextually guide client on his journey (tax, insurance, bookkeeping rules) both via roboadvice and via human professional accountants.

What is most important, mBank’s mPower Business Starter uniquely crafts two separate e-government services into client journey eliminating the need for separate portals and logins. This large unprecedented implementation has been developed in pioneer co-operation with Polish government institutions: Ministry of Digital Affairs and Ministry of Economic Development and will be a milestone in online government services adoption by entrepreneurs.

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Key contact
Tomasz Gorski
Head of SME Business
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