Mashreq Chat Banking

Mashreq Bank

Mashreq is known for challenging the norms and disrupting the conventional ways of doing things. It is this spirit that motivates us to continue to be a leader in innovations. . Innovation is in our DNA this is clearly reflected in all our contributions in the field of innovation and technology launched under the theme ‘Innovations that Matter’. We innovate to make banking simpler and provide a better customer experience. To us, that’s what matters most. Our chat banking launched end of last year is yet another radical shift in enhancing customer experience.

Mashreq Chat-Bot is the world’s first chat platform for banking integrated with Facebook Messenger and powered by artificial intelligence allowing clients to perform queries and financial transactions directly through Facebook Messenger, similar to a chat format.

Currently in UAE, 7.5 Million residents are using Facebook on a monthly basis. This inspired us to start the integration with a platform where most of our clients and potential future clients are already present and constantly connect with the medium.

Today, customers need a tool they can use to communicate with the banks much like how they communicate with their friends through a social platform. We have enabled this shift from traditional channels of banking and offered our clients an easier way of doing business with us.

The project started in April 2016, this is right after the ‘match of century’ where for the first time in the history, alpha “Go AI” was able to defeat a human in one of the most complex game “Go”. Inspired by this event, we decided to tap into the world of artificial intelligence and start this fantastic project to make banking simpler for our customers.

The project was quite complex to execute as it has 4 integration points.

1. Digital platforms : User ID authentication & Existing beneficiary integration for global money transfer
2. Switch and ATM : to enable performing card-les cash transaction via messenger
3. Account balance and Inquiries: to enabled 360 view of relationship including your accounts, Card, loans, deposits. You can now even check transactions history.
4. CRM Integration: to allow mashreq products presentation and lead capture.

Though this project was launched not too long ago, the initial feedback was overwhelming from customer, media and also other partner banks who expressed their excitement and complemented Mashreq on it innovation leadership.